Catching Up (SOL Day 5)

I still haven’t quite gotten in the habit of writing, but I am determined to make up any days that I miss. Sometimes I feel like I am always working to catch up on things.

The first year of teaching (and I’m sure other years as well, but I haven’t experienced that yet) often feels like I am cycling between drowning and treading water. There is no floating going on here. I felt like I was finally getting a steady tread going this week (I had some time to catch up on grading and planning), and then today a couple of my classes seemed out of control, which made me feel like I had gone underwater again.

As Robert Burns said, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men/Gang aft agley,” or, things don’t always go as you would hope, even though they appear to be so well planned. When I feel like I’ve gotten a handle on my lessons plans and my students should be good to go, the universe usually decides that I need a little more of a challenge. I know I can handle it, but I’m hoping that after this year things will feel just a wee bit easier. Experience should do that, right?

Teaching is so much more than helping students learn content area material. It’s learning to work with adults and children (or young teenagers, in my case) who continue to surprise you on a daily basis. This can feel incredibly overwhelming, but more often, it really is wonderful. But those two feelings aren’t even mutually exclusive.


One thought on “Catching Up (SOL Day 5)

  1. “…feels like I am cycling between drowning and treading water…” What a perfect way to describe teaching! I’m in my 19th year and there are times I still feel like this! 🙂 Every year does get easier! Hang in there!!! Have faith! Turn to those you trust for a pep talk!!

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