Running into Spring

I love and hate running. I love when I start and finish running – it’s the actual running part that is hard.

With today being the first day reaching over 50 degrees in a while, I had to get outside and do something. When I left school today, I had mild intentions of going to the gym, and then I felt how nice it was outside and knew that I needed to head outdoors for my workout today.

I don’t usually run long distances – usually only about a mile or so – but today I pushed myself because I just didn’t want to go back inside. I ended up running 3 miles and walking another, and I was out there for nearly an hour. It felt fantastic. Sure, I’m sore now and I might not end up running tomorrow, but I am happy with what I did today.

This little taste of Spring has lifted my cold and dreary spirits, and I can’t wait until the weather stays this way.


4 thoughts on “Running into Spring

  1. I’m right there with you. I also have a love/hate relationship with running. But even more so when I’m force to rely on the treadmill. Because of this, I haven’t run in a while. When I finally do get back outside, I’m sure I’ll end up walking more than anything else. Come on spring!!

  2. I am a running, too. It is still a little cold for me in my neck of the woods. However, I’m excited to get back out there. Your post today gave me a glimpse of what it will be like soon…hopefully!

  3. Yes! It was over 32 degrees here today and my spirits soared! I’m with you, I hate to start but once I’m at it, I do love it. I rarely run the whole way though, have lost a considerable amount of weight this year and need to strengthen the jiggly spots this spring. Maybe this summer will work up to our 3 mile neighborhood loop without walking partway! Thanks for the inspiration.

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