Forgetfulness (SOL Day 4)

Sometimes things slip my mind. For example, when I have meetings after school and meetings to worry about the next morning, I can forget about little things. Little things like writing. So today I will write two posts, in order to make up for the one I missed yesterday.

It is often hard to keep track of everything, and even though I try to keep up with school and personal commitments, there are occasions when this or that falls by the wayside. Whenever I fall behind during National Novel Writing Month, I try to make it up by upping my word count on the next day. This doesn’t always work because I tend to get too far behind. With this project though, I would like to keep it up, even if I fall behind a day or two. I can double up on posts, like today (and hopefully I’ll remember to write again later).

Most of my posts so far have been reflections on writing, and with this post, I’m hoping that it will remind me to continue writing each and every day this month, and maybe even beyond. If I practice being reflective, hopefully it will become a daily habit!