Running into Spring

I love and hate running. I love when I start and finish running – it’s the actual running part that is hard.

With today being the first day reaching over 50 degrees in a while, I had to get outside and do something. When I left school today, I had mild intentions of going to the gym, and then I felt how nice it was outside and knew that I needed to head outdoors for my workout today.

I don’t usually run long distances – usually only about a mile or so – but today I pushed myself because I just didn’t want to go back inside. I ended up running 3 miles and walking another, and I was out there for nearly an hour. It felt fantastic. Sure, I’m sore now and I might not end up running tomorrow, but I am happy with what I did today.

This little taste of Spring has lifted my cold and dreary spirits, and I can’t wait until the weather stays this way.


The Winds of Winter (SOL Day 3)

Has Mother Nature realized yet that it is March? I went out tonight for ice cream (a little ridiculous, considering what I’m writing about), and it was 7 degrees outside. We were briefly in jeopardy of a snow day today, but after a couple of inches yesterday morning, nothing else happened. While snow days are fun – sitting around drinking coffee, reading, and knitting – I’m ready for spring.

I’m ready for warmer weather. I’m ready for 50 degrees, driving with my windows down, and hiking through the woods. Spring break is only three weeks away, but sometimes it seems so far. I know that after that, the last two months of school will fly by and I will no longer be considered a first year teacher.

One of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer, as I mentioned earlier, is hiking. Last year, Scott and I went to Gatlinburg in March, and it was fantastic. There was a little snow on the mountaintops, but overall the weather was perfect.



Looking at some of these old pictures, I can’t wait until I won’t freeze every time I go outside, when I have to debate weather or not to wear a jacket. It’s not as far as it seems, but it’s just out reach right now that it feels too far.